A loan helped an independently, woman-owned business overcome the COVID-19 crisis and achieve her dream.

Abby's story

Born and raised in Kenosha, WI, my parents had strong community ties as long-standing educators at local high schools. Involvement in activities was an influence from my parents that lead to my participation in Girl Scouts, volleyball, soccer, swimming, and our church community. As a dedicated athlete at a young age, volleyball became my passion. I was fortunate enough to receive a college scholarship to a Division 1 school. As a full time student-athlete, I learned time management and a commitment to strive for excellence. While away at school, I sought out the best local cafes to provide a creative atmosphere and to give me a sense of home. I spent most of my free time enjoying the hustle and bustle that these little gems had to offer – a place to gather with friends and chat, a quiet environment for studying, and some great people watching.

After graduation, I worked at local bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. I began to love the service industry and the inspiration I felt daily. I loved being able to connect with people and the sense of family that the customer service industry offered. I looked to my future and decided to pursue a law degree from UW-Madison. This is where I truly realized my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and the goal of building something that could offer a community what I truly valued in a local spot – an inspired atmosphere for family and friends with a great vibe where all are welcome.

After moving to the Grandview Commons neighborhood, I knew I found the perfect location for my vision. I instantly started my business plans for Twisted Grounds while continuing my law degree. My persistent nature compelled me to complete my law degree as this would always be valuable for my future; however, Twisted Grounds became my passion and long-time goal.

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It supports a woman-owned business.

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About Vice Grounds LLC, dba Twisted Grounds

Industry: Food
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years


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