A loan helped me to buy much needed equipment and hire 1 or 2 more employees so we can open at the end of summer.

Manuel's story

5 years ago my mom rescued a farm that had belonged to my grandfather and was abandoned. We started taking care of the land and planting native and fruit trees. At first we would only go on Sundays, my 2 sisters, my brother, our parents and my two young kids. Slowly but surely we turned the place around during the first two years, planting around 100 fruit trees (avocados, cacao, quenepa, jack fruit, jaboticaba, zapote, cashew, mangoes, moca, caimito, miracle fruit... and many more). We also started a small green house and vegetable garden. This is how our farm, Finca Gaia, was born.

In 2017, a year before we where expecting much of our trees to star bearing fruit, we where hardly hit by Hurricane Maria. The farm suffered a lot! We where not able to access the farm for 2 weeks. The damage from Hurricane Maria easily set us back 2-3 years. Because we where not yet a corporation or business we did not apply to any of the federal rescue aids. Still we where not discouraged at all and managed to save around 80% of our trees. This past year we enlisted the help of our first employee, who helps us out twice a week.

For this year 2020 we had huge plans and hopes of starting a Glamping project inside the farm. For the first time since Hurricane Maria our trees are finally starting to bear fruit. And then COVID-19 came along. I have to say that because of the pandemic we've had more time than ever to work in the farm, so we count ourselves lucky. But our personal incomes have been hit hard by the pandemic and this is why this loan would mean a lot to us. It would help us to keep moving forward with our vision and not loose any momentum.

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It supports a family-owned business.

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Industry: Agriculture
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year


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