A loan helped a woman-owned non-profit empower disadvantaged children in her community.

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I decided long ago that I would not be another statistic of my environment nor emotionally blocked by the challenges I faced growing up in an underserved community. I was born and raised in Lewisville, AR population of about 1280, uniquely positioned 5 miles from where Maya Angelou was raised as a little girl. I, like many black historical leaders, come from small town beginnings offering limited growth potential. Poverty was common, and the struggle of upward mobility was non-existent due to lack of opportunity. I was very shy as a child, my grades were mediocre and total family income $18k yearly, this all caused me to have low self-esteem. During my teenage years, I desired to fit in, so I gravitated toward and started to excel in cheerleading and sports which helped my shyness and self-esteem. I also saw my parents never giving up in their challenging life moments, and thus learned resilience. I came to my realization that I could achieve my full human purpose in a higher way much the way Ms. Angelou did, through education, building self-respect, and accepting positive guidance from others. I give thanks to my high school biology teacher, who opened the door for me to attend and graduate from the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff with a degree in Business Marketing and Administration. Finally, I could see my true intellectual value and began to reframe my future story. After graduation, I became a cheerleader and choreographer for two semi-pro teams in Georgia in football and basketball. I led an impressive 15-year career holding Senior Mgt. and Executive positions within the field of Retail, Sales, Workforce Development and Human Resource. I took my family values, struggles and hidden shames and turned them into a strategic platform to help spark the youth living in underserved communities. My motivation is our nation’s youth and helping them uncover their true genius. My nonprofit is my life story, which has placed me in a position to bridge gaps, to be the voice for the unspoken and create opportunities for children to be their best with no fear, judgement or shame.

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