A loan of $950 helped a member to start a lumber-selling business.

Bashiran's Group's story

Bashiran baji is a 49-year-old married lady. She is an uneducated lady because her parents were very poor and could hardly meet their financial expenses. This situation never made her feel disappointed at any time because she lives with the belief that although she never got much in her life her own kids will get all they need. She is a mother of three kids: two sons and one daughter. All of her kids are enrolled in a school and getting an education.

Bashiran's husband's name is M. R. and he is a cook by profession and runs his own food corner in the community. His food is based on Punjabi dishes such as “Daal Chawal" and "Dahi Bhalas”. He selected this dishes because there’s a tendency in Pakistani people to prefer to eat Punjabi dishes rather than others. His business is going well and he earns Pak rupees 10,000 to 15,000 in a month.

Bashiran is a very supportive lady. She helps her husband in his business, which gives him strength to work harder. Bashiran’s brother also lives with her and works in a factory, receiving a meager income. She knows that her brother is very hard-working and he is wasting his strength by doing an ordinary job. Therefore Bashiran has decided for him to start a timber-selling business. To start a business she requires a loan of Pak Rs. 15000 so he will be able to buy lumber in bulk.

Bashiran is also a group leader for four other women from her community. Tahira M. wants a loan to buy groceries for her grocery shop. Kanizan baji wants a loan to buy goats for her animal-selling business. Lalan baji wants a loan to buy a donkey cart. Kosar baji wants a loan to buy mason's tools.

This is a group loan. The loan funds will be distributed among the group members, each of whom will invest in her own business. The members mutually guarantee one another's loans. If one member does not repay, the other members are responsible.

Note: Bashiran baji is seated first on the left and all the other baji’s are helping Tahira baji who is seated front right, arranging the plants.

In this group: Bashiran, Tahira Mosa, Kanizan, Lalan, Kosar

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