A loan helped me hire an Online Marketing Tech Strategist to help scale and grow my online business, and an Project Manager to oversee the accreditation of my online training course for teachers!

Julia's story

I had a pretty rocky childhood. And despite there being Love in my family... there was also a great deal of chaos, instability, aggression and violence. All of this leaving me with a gnawing sense of shame, fear, and this ever-growing sense that I was really just unimportant.

Then, when I was in high school, one of my brothers encouraged me to see a counselor. I still remember the simultaneous relief and outpouring of emotion in that first session, at just having someone show compassion and concern for my life.

As an adult, I pursued a career as a trauma therapist, so I could this powerful and transformative work. Shortly after becoming a therapist, however, it dawned on me that being a "good" therapist simply meant being human - loving, respectful and humane - in the face of other people's pain, hurt, fears and anger. And this was something other professionals - namely, teachers - could do too.

So I shifted my focus to find creative, actionable, and effective ways to help the professionals who needed it most - educators - to learn how to work with their students in a trauma-informed manner. And through shifting to this entrepreneurial mindset, the ideas came flowing through. I developed an online training course, I've spoken at conferences, a membership site is underway, and I even have a podcast in the making!

This is my life's work.

As my cousin once said to me: "Trauma Camp is your 'Lemonade,' Julia Rose." (All you Beyonce fans will understand the reference!) TC is a work of professional and personal Art and Expertise that is fundamentally rooted in the story of my life, and is something I now extend to the rest of the world with hope, humility, advocacy and love.

This loan is special because:

it will help a women entrepreneur increase mental health awareness and create positive impact.

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Industry: Education
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: traumacamp.com


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