A loan helped to buy another quality breed of cow to improve her dairy production and business.

Joyline's story

Juhudi Kilimo would like to celebrate mothers who are smallholder farmers!

The availability of credit has been the biggest challenge affecting smallholder woman farmers, especially in Siongiroi. Joyline is a rural farmer who has been practicing agribusiness for many years. Thanks to her effort and dedication, she always has good dairy and crop production.

Joyline works tirelessly every day of the week on her farm. Since she started a family, her personal and financial obligations have grown. She has tried different ways to make money but keeps coming up short.

Joyline decided the best way to increase her income was to improve her farm's productivity. To increase milk production, she could either buy more cows or replace the existing cows with more productive breeds. The latter makes more economical sense.

Joyline is seeking a loan from Kiva lenders to purchase another productive dairy cow that will bring her more income and improve her dairy business. She will use the additional income to pay for her children's education and to meet family expenses.

Joyline really hopes for lenders' contributions and is looking forward to a prosperous year in 2019.

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This loan is special because:

It finances smallholder farmers to purchase dairy cows, chickens, cereals, farm inputs and farming equipment.

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