A loan of $1,475 helped a member purchase of fabric for sewing in anticipation of the holidays.

Duyunbubu's Group's story

In the gray reality of everyday life, even passing among a large number of people on the street, it is difficult for us to imagine how other people live. Sometimes a person is very well dressed, but turns out that he is not rich. And sometimes it is the opposite: a person walks by wearing fairly old, worn clothing, but turns out that this is his work uniform, and he is an owner of some type of company. However it may be, the heroes of our story are ordinary people, those who surround us every day on the street. But people in this category differ from the gray masses in one aspect, which is the strong will and drive to change their lives for the better. And their will is expressed in concrete ideas and responsibility. Take, for example, Duyunbubu D.. She lives in the city of Tokmak together with her daughter, who currently sells souvenirs in the United Arab Emirates. Duyunbubu is divorced, and at fifty-six years old, in order to support herself and her daughter, she sews traditional goods, also called “toshoki” (patchwork quilts) in the Kyrgyz language. When Duyunbubu lost her job, she quickly realized that the time has come to find work for herself and started sewing toshoki for sale. Now this business yields her around four thousand som ($100) per month. Duyunbubu requested this loan in order to purchase fabric for sewing in anticipation of the holidays.

Duyunbubu has three partners in this group:

Zina S. is fifty years old. She is a widow and has four children. The children are already grown and provide for themselves. However, Zina is in no way dependent on her children and has her own business. She sells robes. The sale of robes yields Zina around ten thousand som per month. Zina needs a loan in order to purchase a container.

Jyldyzkan J. is forty-four years old. Her husband is a construction worker. Jyldyzkan sells traditional goods, such as toshoki, pillows and rugs. She also has one son, who works as a mechanic at the technical service station. Jyldyzkan currently needs a loan. She wants to purchase materials of various colors in order to make rugs.

Nurgul A. is thirty years old. Together with her husband, Nurgul is raising one daughter, who is five years old. Nurgul’s husband works at the Umrut and Ka milk processing factory, and Nurgul is involved in selling scarves. Nurgul decided to request a loan because she needs the means in order to purchase merchandise.

In this group: Duyunbubu, Zina, Jyldyzkhan, Nurgul

Translated from Russian by Kiva volunteer Anna Sorokina-Hailey

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