Nuevo Amanecer (Cuenca) Group's story

The Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn) Communal Bank is located in the community of Zhimad, some 40 minutes outside the city of Cuenca. In this locality you can really appreciate the beauty of the Andean countryside. The greater part of the population is dedicated to agriculture and livestock raising, which is the activity that sustains their families.

Mrs. Blanca R. has been an active member of this bank for 10 years, motivated by Rosa R.. Blanca is 37 years old and lives with her 3 children, aged 18, 15, and 2, in Zhimad, since her husband migrated out of the country in search of wellbeing and greater comfort for his family. They succeeded in building their own house with sacrifice and effort in common.

Blanca, like the majority of her fellow bank members, raises chickens and has done so for 6 years. She has only acquired 100 because she has to buy so much feed and at times, there isn't enough money. She also makes dust cloths which she provides to fixed customers, or sells in some hardware stores spread around the entire city. She has been doing this for the past year.

With this new loan, she will buy chicken feed and corn for the chickens. Her goal is to continue to expand her chicken business.

In like manner, Zoila R. has been working with her communal bank for 3 years, thanks to the president of her Parroquial Committee. She is 38 years old and lives in her own house with her husband, a brick layer, and their 4 children, ages 19, 16, 15, and 6.

She has been making dust cloths for 9 years, thanks to a family member who taught her how to make them. For this, she receives cloth from a factory. To benefit, she has to have an identity card provided by the company. After making the dust cloths, she sells them in different parts of Cuenca, or to her set customers who request them frequently.

With this loan she will buy cloth to make dust cloths in hopes of locating new customers. He goal is to become a major merchant of dust cloths.

In this group: Rosa Carmelina, Gloria Leticia, Ana Rocio, Tania Batriz, Rosa Elena, Nancy Alexandra, Maria Lucinda*, Blanca Mercedes, Maria Rosa Elvira, Zoila Narcisa, Enriqueta, Mnauel Concepci´pn, Rosa Lastenia
*not pictured

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Harold Dana Sims, PhD

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