A loan of $725 helped a member household and beauty products to sell door to door.

The Women's Bank Of Entrepreneurs Of Chilamate (2) Group's story

“The Women's Bank of Entrepreneurs of Chilamate (2)” is a group of women from Poas, Chilamate, located close to the active Poas volcano in Costa Rica. The members of this group of 4 women are engaged in different productive activities including: curtain and clothes sewing, catalogue sales, nail painting, hydroponic agriculture, and hot food sales. The members of this group have formed a strong bond with one another. It is apparent that these women regard community, solidarity and hard work as values central to their beliefs. Their special bond has developed because the members of the group have been neighbours all their lives, and thus know each other on a very deep and personal level. These four women were inspired to apply for a loan with Fundacion Mujer as a result of the positive experience that their colleagues in the community had had throughout the duration of their first loan. This will be this group’s first loan with Fundacion Mujer.

Iris A. L. is a 50-year-old mother of five who has a business sewing curtains, bedsheets and drapes; she also sells catalogue items from door to door in her community. Her highest level of formal education attained is the completion of primary school. She will use this loan to purchase household and beauty products to sell. Her goal is to use this loan to seek out new clients; Iris wants her business to grow so she can bring prosperity and support to her family.

Deilyn U. B. is a 26-year-old mother of two. Deilyn has a business selling hand-made clothes such as women's underwear and pyjamas. She also uses hydroponic technology to produce cabbage and lettuce for personal consumption and for sale. She started her clothes sewing and selling business with an initial investment of 10,000 colons. Deilyn will use this loan to equally develop both of her projects. Every day, she sews from 2 until 5 in the afternoon; for this she will need to purchase thread, needles, and maintain her two sewing machines. Otherwise, Deilyn will be using her loan to invest in the nutritional elements necessary to the production of healthy lettuce and cabbage. Since the lettuce is especially sensitive, she would like to invest in a protective material that limits the amount of sunlight to the lettuce leaves. Deilyn says that she hopes by joining this group, she will be surrounded by companions who work in cooperation.

In this group: Iris , Daniela , Guisselle , Deilyn

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