A loan of $2,525 helped a member for general investments conducive to business growth.

The Women's Bank Of Entrepreneurs Of Chilamate Group's story

“The Women's Bank of Entrepreneurs of Chilamate” is a group of women from Poas, Chilamate, located close to the active Poas volcano in Costa Rica. The members of this group of 7 women are engaged in many varied productive activities including: food sales, a corner store, chicken rearing, bread making, and sewing. They have formed a strong bond with one another. It is apparent that these women regard community, solidarity, and hard work as values central to their beliefs.

Their special bond has developed because the members of the group have been neighbours all their lives, and thus know each other on a very deep and personal level. The positive experience that this group has had throughout the duration of their first loan has inspired new members to join the group. This will be the group's second loan with Fundacion Mujer; the first loan was paid back on time and in full. The loan officer who has been working with this group commends the members on their strong history of punctual repayments.

Socorro P. V. is experienced in sales. Every day, she makes “pan” a type of bread that she sells fresh to her neighbours and others in her community. Socorro also sews women's clothes (underwear and blouses) which she sells on the weekends in Guapiles. She travels by bus with her clothing products, taking a combination of 3 buses. Guapiles, in the Carribean region of Costa Rica, is roughly 2 hours away. Socorro has lived in Poas her entire life. At the age of 54 she is one of the eldest in the group, and she takes pride in the level of trust that has always existed in her community. “There is no trouble,” she says, “if anyone makes trouble it’s because they come from outside of our community.” Her enthusiasm for life is inspiring; she says that every day is a gift.

Angela R. L. is the elected president of the group. She is 57 years old and has 8 children. Angela has a business sewing and selling clothes such as pants for men and women, children’s clothing, shirts, and pyjamas. She also sews quilts and other types of bedding.

Yorleny M. P. raises chickens and then sells the eggs they lay. She is 34 years old and lives with her four children. With her first loan, she made the mistake of buying the wrong feed for her chicks, so they ended up too fat to lay eggs. As a result, she has sold these chickens and plans to use this second loan to purchase the correct feed so that she might have some chickens that lay eggs. Yorleny has thankfully maintained a good sense of humour regarding her mistake.

Vera Maria S. Z. is 43 years old and has 3 children. She has a business preparing and selling foods to people in her community. She works out of her home Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Vera makes the majority of her sales in the afternoons and at night. She sells hamburgers, tacos, and 'ceviche' among other products. She says her tacos are the most popular item on the menu.

Laura Espinoza R. is 32 years old. She has one child and her highest level of formal education is the completion of primary school. Laura runs a beauty salon where she employs one other person. She will use this loan to buy hair and beauty products in order to better serve her clients.

In this group: Laura , Angela , Ana Isabel , Yorleny , Vera Maria , Deyanira , Socorro

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