Kendrick's story

I remember talking to my grandmother (on my mother's side), she told me she washed floors for $5 a week. I remember being in the presence of my grandfather (on my
father's side), who owned a popular membership club called Sphinx Club. I was told the entrepreneurial spirit came from both sides.

I grew up in Baltimore, but was blessed to have a two parent household and in the church so I always searched for positive energy. One of my biggest assets as a young man was to have a sister who led the way and earned an Electrical Engineering Degree first and went on to get her masters in Engineering. My high school (Baltimore Polytechnic Institute) prepared me for Morgan State University, where I earned my
Computer & Electrical Engineering. Graduate school came later, where I earned my Masters Business Administration.

The highlight of my DJ Career is when I performed with the Soulful Symphony. If you can imagine me, in my tuxedo and bowtie scratching sounds to complement 77 other instruments. There is no better feeling. This experience allowed me to identify my passion. Connecting my passion for STEM is what created my life work.

Today I am looking to go back to school for my Ph.D. in Engineering Research Education. Dr. Tilghman is my dream, along with being able to reach the finish line of my business. The Finish-line just means my business has scaled to the position that I don't have to personally oversee the day to day operations.
Family time is very important and I am excited that we have scaled enough that I can work on the business and not in the business every day. I am blessed that I can actually unplug and have family time because our team is getting stronger by the hour.

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It helps an entrepreneur teach the young people in his community the importance of S.T.R.E.A.M.

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