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In rural Pennsylvania, trout fishing is pretty big here, and at 15 years old I had my first business tying flies and selling them to the local sporting good stores! Eventually I started a photography business that I ran for 20 years, and was one of the best High School Senior photographers in the country, but photography got hit with a perfect storm, and there was no way to make a living at it anymore in my area.

After 20 years, photography wasn't just my business, it was my identity too. I needed to find my place in the world again, but this time wanted to really make a difference, something that could really change the world for the better! The Thriving Hive could be the answer to the failing bee populations for beekeepers, especially those that aren't skilled at the process, as the box was designed for bees, and with that the bees are able to thrive. With more people succeeding, there is less need to buy bees, and creates a stronger bee population.

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It helps a passionate and creative entrepreneur expand his sustainable beekeeping business.

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Industry: Agriculture
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