A loan helped to purchase a biodigester to power his farm with biogas and stop cutting trees.

John's story

John is worried about his wife’s health because every day she cooks with firewood and inhales the smoke. John and his wife went to the doctor because she started to feel sick. The doctor told her that she needed to stop cooking with firewood but that is the only source of energy that they can afford.

John now is planning to invest in a Sistema Biobolsa biodigester to eliminate wood. The system will not only replace firewood for cooking; by using their biodigester, the family will be able to turn cow manure generated daily on the farm into biofertilizer and renewable energy. They'll feed the system with manure and through a process of anaerobic digestion, and the organic waste will be transformed into methane-rich, renewable, potent organic fertilizer and biogas. The biofertilizer will be applied to the crops, improving both quality and yields without John having to spend more on petroleum-based agrochemical fertilizers.

With their savings in firewood and fertilizers they will be able to buy more cows and expand his local business of milk production.

This loan represents 63% of the full price of the biodigester; the remaining part was covered by a cash down payment and a government subsidy.

This loan is special because:

It saves farmers money by transforming waste into biogas and organic fertilizer.

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