A loan helped me purchase all the necessary equipment and materials to finish the first Block Farms in Puerto Rico.

Rebecca's story

I am a young Puerto Rican entrepreneur focusing on agricultural innovation. In Spain, where I lived for 7 years, I co-founded a techno-agricultural company specializing in hydroponics, viticulture, and agricultural machinery. After several years introducing new products in the agricultural sector to global markets, I decided to develop a larger project, my own project, Block Farms.
With Block Farms, we have proven that you can produce local food in a sustainable way in less space 365 days without weather concerns!

In 2016, we manufactured the first Block Farms in Spain, but after having experienced both hurricane Irma and Maria, I decided it was time to implement Block Farms in Puerto Rico. Block Farms is a solution against the agricultural devastation of a natural disaster.

I believe innovation in agriculture is one of the most important and necessary investment for humanity. Because there is a growing population that will live in cities and we need to fing a solution to feed everyone in a healthy and sustainable way. My passion is to promote urban and indoor farming which provides the most efficient food resource with minimal impact on the environment. Also I believe we have to create new methods of agriculture that produce food with quality and maximum efficiency. We need to find excellence in agriculture.

This loan is special because:

It helps an established female entrepreneur expand her innovative urban farming business.

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About Block Farms, LLC.

Industry: Agriculture
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year
Website: blockfarms.com


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