A loan helped a member to buy cattle to be fattened.

Kisan B Group's story

Erny T. is 37 years-old and leads a group of seven people in Tunbaun Village, West Amarasi Sub District, Kupang District of East Nusa Tenggara. The group is named Kisan B Group. Erny is married, a house wife and a farmer. She has four children. They are:

- Rosida T., 16, in the third grade of Junior High School
- Ongki T., 10, in the fourth grade of Elementary School
- Frigin T., 6, in the first grade of Elementary School and
- Jelita T., 2

Erny is actively involved once a month in her village in POSYANDU (which provides health services for children under five years). She helps the nurse in weighing the children and providing them with nutritious biscuits. Erny usually starts her day at five am. She prepares breakfast and looks after the children before they go to school. She walks one km every day to get water from a spring for cooking and washing.

Erny’s family usually consumes corn and cassava as their staple food. During harvest, Erny usually stores dried corn as food in the dry season. It is rare for them to consume rice as the price is to expensive for them. Erny helps her husband on the farm where they have coconut and banana trees. In the rainy season, she helps her husband cultivate corn, vegetable and cassava. To meet their daily needs, Erny sells agricultural products once a week at Inpres Market in Kupang City. It is situated about 32 kilometres from her village. She usually takes public transport to deliver her agricultural products.

Having four children in school with a limited income generated from selling agricultural products is not easy for Erny and husband. Even though they have fertilized land they face challenges in farming. For example, everyday Erny and husband have to fetch water from the spring to water the plants. Sometimes they need to buy more agricultural products from other farmers but fortunately they can buy it at a cheaper price.

Erny dreams of running a kiosk business so she can help her husband generate more income but she does not have the capital to start the business. One day she heard from a Field Officer that TLM can help poor farmers like her through the Cattle Fattening Program. She was interested in joining the program as the procedure is simple so she discussed it with her neighbours. They then agreed to form KISAN B GROUP. Erny is requesting a loan of IDR 3,300,000 from TLM to buy young cattle to fatten over twelve months. The other members of Kisan B group are also requesting loans to buy young cattle. They are optimistic that they will be able to feed and look after the cattle. They hope that the loan will help them improve their lives.

Note: Manoak was not present when the group picture was taken.

In this group: Erny, Saul, Saul, Salmun, Manoak, Antonius, Rentinus

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