A loan helped to purchase regenerative cacao at fair value from rural farmers in Ecuador.

Endorfin's story

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The Problem
Over one-third of the human population is smallholder farmers who produce almost 70% of all food consumed worldwide on around 60% of the world’s arable land. Still, after decades of organic and fair trade agriculture, most smallholder farmers still live in poverty, and over 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from human food production.

The Solution
Endorfin believes in growing food in regenerative agroforestry systems, paired with increased farmer compensation and transparent supply chains. They are working on a multi-stakeholder initiative to codify a tree-to-tongue model for trade. In the long-term, Endorfin hopes their model can be duplicated across any type of food production.

Loan Use
Endorfin will use loan funds to purchase and process 100% regeneratively grown cacao, produced by a smallholder farmer cooperative in Ecuador. Endorfin hopes this will be a turning point for regenerative agriculture, and with continued long-term investment, will usher in a new era of ecological and economic sustainability for all supply chain stakeholders.

Endorfin has sourced their cacao from rural farmers in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Columbia as depicted in pictures 1,2 and 3 respectively. Endorfin will use the Kiva loan to purchase regeneratively grown cacao exclusively from Ecuador.
Endorfin has had two Kiva US loans and has been a borrower with Kiva since 2014.

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Enterprise imports cacao from rural farmers in at fair value

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