A loan helped "Las Ellas", a growing woman-owned Art studio/shop with a vision of equality, respect, and passion to recover from devastating hurricane damages, and grow their online business.

Laurie's story

I was interested in art since I was 9 years old or so. My grandma used to take me sometimes to her work at the town hall, and while I waited I used to sneak into art workshops that were given there, since then I dreamed about having my own art collections, art overall fascinated me.

Growing up on a family of natural born artists was not easy, as my cousins and uncles had so many talents in various artistic aspects, while as much as I tried, I was just not that good. But that didn't stop me, I was determined to be better. I learned that consistency and drive are more important than talent. I just needed to practice harder, and longer, and I did. At 10 I did my first painting, that same one that still hangs on my grandparents living room.

It has been a rollercoaster, a struggle, but a wonderful journey to this point. I wanted to create art that inspired and empowered women, an idea that started with the stroke of a brush in a canvas, is now a reality that thousands of people enjoy, and there is no greater satisfaction, than the smile of one my customers after they receive their piece. I am grateful for what creating Las Ellas has taught me about art and about myself. I hope to continue growing as an artist, as a person, and as an entrepreneur, given the chance to recover and expand my business with a more solid online strategy.

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It will help the entrepreneur recover from Hurricane Maria and expand her business!

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About 1984

Industry: Arts
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years


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