Antonio's story

Where did you grow up and what was it like? Did it have an impact on your desire to start your business?
I grew up in the Madrid of the 90s, where Alternative Rock music was absolutely niche and it was very difficult to access it. I was a bullied boy at school living in a broken marriage as a teenager and Music was the emotional outlet that guided me and helped me canalize my creativity and to deal with the situation.
Where are you today?
I was able to make a successful career as interface designer and live in NY where I felt an immediate connection since the first time I visited. Being a business owner has always felt right with me and being so in US was always my goal.
What are your dreams for the future?
I see Leerecs as a successful platform that helps other musicians get by making a living out of their passion and dragging teenagers into making music as a spiritual and personal development.
Is there a past story that demonstrates your entrepreneurial spirit?
I guess yes, since my teen days where I was putting music bands together and playing live gigs, I've always been put in leadership roles and personally building new ideas, whether it'd be businesses, brands, apps, etc.

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