A loan helped buy our first round of printed glass bottles and a large-capacity blender that will allow us to drastically increase our production abilities.

Kristy's story

I have always loved animals and after seeing a few too many videos on what our trash, especially plastic, is doing to wildlife (and eventually seeing how it impacts human health), I realized I needed to change my consumption habits.

So, for the last two years, I have been living a zero waste lifestyle which is one that tries to produce as little trash as possible on the downstream. In living this way, I noticed how many grocery items are encased in excessive plastic packaging, especially plant-based milk alternatives. There isn't a single one that I have seen in the DC-area that isn't in plastic packaging-some, of which, aren't even recyclable! This is why we wanted to offer a plant-based milk in reusable glass bottles as a way to keep excess trash out of our oceans, streams, rivers, and even our communities.

So, why oat milk? When I found out I had high cholesterol and my doctor told me to change my diet or go on medication, I opted for the former. Oats are rich in fiber and other nutrients and are touted as a heart-healthy food, so I began substituting oat milk for cream in coffee and sauces as it mimics the consistency of dairy and tastes pretty good, too. There weren't any options in sustainable packaging on the market, so we decided to start Blue Crate to make sustainably-packaged oat milk available to all!

This loan is special because:

It helps a female entrepreneur increase her output and expand her business, offering her community a new and healthy alternative to milk!

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Industry: Food
Years in operation: New Business
Website: Www.bluecratemilk.con

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