A loan helped grow our customer base and purchase inventory to create awesome garages.

Seth's story

My name is Seth and I grew up in Tulsa, OK. I had a great childhood. It was simple, but I loved it. My parents worked incredibly hard to give a good life to my siblings and I. I can remember the times when my dad would get home from his day job and load us kids up in the car and go try to find work to do that weekend. I come from a family that works very hard. Both my mother and father are entrepreneurs, so it most likely runs in my blood. But it took working for a few companies for me to discover that I am made to build things and the best stage to do that is on your own as an entrepreneur.

Today I am working hard towards my dream of completely supporting myself through my entrepreneurial endeavors. I still have a day job in healthcare but I dream of the day where I live off my businesses.

I dream of building products and services that change the way humans live their lives. I have incredibly high aspirations and working hard to develop the tools necessary to realize these dreams.

My first job out of college was with one of the best companies in Oklahoma. I landed the dream job. The job where people spend their entire careers working. I resigned my position after 10 months and moved to San Francisco to sleep on my brothers couch and build a new career. I am not afraid to take the risks necessary to build a better future for myself and those around me.

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It will help the entrepreneur grow the business by necessary investments and marketing.

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