A loan of $8,000 helped us expand our current successful family business making herbal remedies into a retail space to make our products more easily accessible to our customers and enrich our community through education, philanthropy and outreach.

Brandy's story

Living a natural lifestyle changed my life. I used to weigh 315lbs. I was depressed, I had a fibromyalgia diagnosis and I was in a wheelchair. Doctors kept piling on medication after medication despite my pleas to have them take me off anything I could. So I did it myself. I would not advocate anyone to do this on their own, especially knowing what I know now. But, it’s part of my story. It was awful at first. But the fog slowly started to lift. I cut out inflammatory foods, like gluten and dairy.I stopped drinking soda and I limited my sugar. I stopped using convention body care and pharmaceuticals. I GOT BETTER. It was a long, slow process. But through natural living, herbs and plant-based medicine, Natural body care isn’t always the easiest to find, so I started making my own. Then I started making it for others. Then, Rainbow Bee was born.

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It will help the entrepreneur get a new space and sell her products to even more customers!

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About Rainbow Bee

Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: buyrainbowbee.com


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