A loan of $2,825 helped a member purchasing cattle to be fattened.

Kanaan A Group's story

Asin K. R. is a 38 year old man. He leads the Kanaan A Group, which is composed of 8 people in Erbaun Village, East Amarasi Sub district, Kupang District of East Nusa Tenggara Province. Erbaun Village is situated for about 52 Km from Kupang City near to the eastern coast of Timor Island. This village can be categorized as a remote village. The road leading to this village is in bad condition with many holes on it. This makes it difficult for public transportation to enter the village. Only trucks enter, but even they are only available once a week.

Most of the community in Erbaun village relies on farming to generate income in order to meet their family's needs. But a part of the community, especially those living in coastal area, also try to dig sand to sell as the quality of sand in this village is quite good. This is another way for them to generate money.

Asin has been living in Erbaun Village since he was a child. Due to his parents' poverty, Asin was only able to have primary education. Consequently, he had to become a farmer because no other jobs were available to him.

Asin is a married to a 30 year old woman named Elkana. They have been blessed with two children. They are: Mesrin, 6 years old, in the first grade of elementary school, and Vivi, 4 years old and thus not at school yet.

Asin lives close to the coast. He and family live in a modest house, where the roof is made of palm leaves, the walls are composed of palm branches, the floor is mere dirt and there is no electricity. Asin likes farming better than digging sand as farming is his hobby. He usually sells bananas and coconuts at Inpres market in Kupang City once a week. His wife also helps him in generating money by selling their products. Even though both of them have worked hard to generate money, the income is only enough to meet their daily needs. They cannot save money. Asin and his wife are also challenged by competition in selling their goods.

This is the reason why Asin is interested in joining a cattle fattening program with the other group members. The availability of cattle food makes him even more enthusiastic about joining the program. He is requesting a loan amounting to IDR 3,300,000 to buy young cattle to be fattened for 12 months. He hopes that the cattle fattening program will enable him to cover all of his family needs. The other group members are also requesting a loan as they want to improve their standard of living.

In this group: Asin, Tabita, Imer, Alsanti, Yakoba, Nomensen, Yakoba, Makdalena

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