A loan of $3,000 helped a Kiva loan helps me upgrade my outdated studio equipment. I'm in the process of starting a music production company. I need new equipment to work efficiently in the music industry. I've released several records and toured around the world.

Rafael's story

I grew up in south Minneapolis with my family. 2 brothers and 1 sister. It was hard growing up in poverty, but we had enough and although we faced a lot of painful moments, we are still grateful for all that were blessed with. This definitely has an impact on me starting a business. I was never taught about finances. My mom grew up on and off the reservation, and my dad came from pretty extreme poverty in Puerto Rico. Survival was always priority. Starting a business was out of the question. I had an awakening, and if I can learn what it takes to run a successful business, I can pass that down to future generations. I helped form a hip hop group when I was 16, Illuminous 3. We played countless shows and released many records. I eventually continued on with my solo career as a rapper and released even more records. I am also an activist/water protector. I lived at camp at Standing Rock for 4 months fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. I went on tour with a group of amazing indigenous hip hop artists I met there. We toured the states, Canada, and Europe(twice). I do a lot of public speaking. This past November I released my most recent EP 'Self Care' and in December I performed and spoke at International Civil Society Week in Fiji. I noticed how much work I've put into my passion, and I've been able to get everything paid for during my travels. Speaking engagements and performances around the world have mostly been free, and some have been paid gigs. Since my recent experiences, I am able to charge for what I do. I see a lot of potential to make money from selling my productions, speaking engagements, and performances.

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