A loan of $10,000 helped to hire an additional plumber and purchase another vehicle and new equipment.

Tonya's story

Tonya never imagined she would end up running a plumbing company but, following a series of challenges, that’s exactly how Tonya and her husband, Ted, found a way to provide for their family.

At age 18, Tonya gave birth to their oldest son, and two more children followed soon thereafter. The family survived for years on her husband’s work as a plumber and Tonya’s career as a corporate executive assistant.

After suffering through a severe illness for a few years, Tonya was laid off from her job in 2008. Throughout Tonya’s illness and recovery, Ted was by her side to take care of her. He cut back his hours working as a plumber and eventually the family filed for bankruptcy as medical bills stacked up. “When all was said and done, we’d lost our home, lost everything and had to start over.”

Tonya is now healthy and grateful for a new chance at life. She works side-by-side with her husband at Plumbwerx Plumbing, their family-run business. It’s a full service plumbing company specializing in all phases of residential and commercial plumbing, with one of their niches being tankless water heaters, an eco-friendly product that saves consumers money, energy and provides continuous hot water!

“Most people aren’t expecting to see a woman running a plumbing business when they come into the office,” said Tonya. But it’s clear she runs a tight ship and she puts her background as a corporate executive assistant to good use, deftly managing the accounting, marketing, sales, inventory, and dispatching her husband and team on jobs.

“I get calls everyday from referral partners who want us to provide all types of plumbing services but I have to turn them down because we don’t have the manpower to meet demand,” said Tonya. A $10,000 loan will allow Plumbwerx to hire an additional plumber and purchase another vehicle and new equipment.

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