A loan of $8,000 helped cover start up costs for our trade based art program.

Phillip's story

I have been a musician/artist, business owner and educator for the past 20 years. Growing up on the West Side of St. Paul I developed a passion for culturally specific art from my community and background, especially music and lowriders.

In 1995 as a musician I became a part of a local artist collective called Headshots (later to become the record label Rhymesayers Entertainment) and in 1999 we opened a record store owned by the artists called Fifth Element. I held several positions for both companies and ended my time there as the general manager at the record store for the 10 years before leaving in 2013 to start to develop my programming.

I also helped develop a cultural non-profit in my community that focused on cultural arts and have been able to apply what was learned at both points in my career into this current business I am working on.

After leaving Fifth Element I went back to the classroom as a support staff in a K-8 school. This was a strategy to starting my programing. I am currently developing the program to launch in January as a one day a week after school program and we will go full time with students in the summers and other scheduled schools breaks. This will allow me the chance to fundraise and develop a good plan without the financial strain of no income during startup. With this first grant award I will be able to fund myself personally through the summer and our first project is fully funded.

This loan is special because:

This loan helps an entrepreneur create youth based art programs for him community.

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Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year


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