A loan of $4,075 helped a member buy basic products like rice, sugar, oil, seeds for planting, animals like chickens, pigs, food, and vitamins for their care.

Mujeres De Chilcato Tora (Cuenca) Group's story

The Chilcato Tora Communal Bank is located in the Tarquí parish 30 minutes outside of the city of Cuenca. Tarquí is characterized by its plains, and it is the sector that produces the most milk and dairy livestock. Its climate is cold. Most of the people work in agriculture and livestock. A large part of the population of youths has immigrated to different parts of the world to give their families economic stability. The members, with their characteristic charisma, tell us their stories.

Delia Eudocial V. V. lives in the Chilcato Tora community in the Tarquí parish. She is a member of the communal bank with the same name as her community. She is 55, married, and has seven children. She does not remember their ages because they are all adults and married. She only remembers that her last daughter is 27, and she is the only one that is single. Three of her married children live in her house and help economically once in a while. They have their own responsibilities in the home. Her husband is a farmer, and through his work in his youth they were able to build a house.

Delia has been a farmer ever since she was young. She plants cabbage, lettuce, and turnips, etc. She raises hens and sells their eggs. She has two calves, and she is raising them to later sell. She also has a small store, but she is lacking a lot of supplies.

Within the communal bank the members are very good friends. They are from the same community, and they have known each other for several years. This is her first loan with the foundation. She will buy products like rice, sugar, oil, and noodles, etc. to better stock her store.

Her dream is to have no more debts. She is now helping her son who traveled abroad to pay the expenses he incurred on his trip.

María Tránsito P. C. is another member of the Mujeres de Chilcato Tora Communal Bank. She lives in the community that has the same name as her bank in the Tarquí parish. She is 65, married, and has five children. She does not remember the ages of her children. She only remembers the age of her last child who is 25, single, and still lives with her. Her husband does not work because he became allergic to the cement dust. This stopped him from doing his work. She and her husband built a small adobe house. Their economic situation is down, and all of the community knows it. Also, she was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago. Now she has to take very good care of herself to not have a relapse in her health.

María has been raising chickens for a short time. She also has a cow, and she sells her milk to the milk carts in the area. But, they pay very little. This is her first loan with the foundation. All of her friends supported her joining, and she tries to get ahead with the benefits the foundation offers their members. With this loan from ESPOIR she will buy more chickens, food, and vitamins for their growth. This way she will expand her business and have a secure income to pay the medication and household expenses. Her dream is to see all of her children succeed personally and economically.

Teresa Elvira C. C. lives in the Chilcato Tora community in the Tarquí parish. She is a member of the communal bank with the same name as her community. She is 47, married, and has six children; ages 24, 22, 20, 14, 11, and 9. Her first daughter is studying dressmaking at an open academy. Her second daughter is married and lives independently. Her 20 year old son works in construction, but all of the money is only for his expenses. Her last three children are still in school. Her husband migrated to the exterior to give them a better future. Thanks to that, they have been able to build their own house.

Terese is a farmer; most of her crops are for household consumption. She also raises animals like dairy cows, pigs, and chickens, etc. She sells them in the community.

This is her first loan with the foundation. She hopes to improve her economic situation and that of her family. With the loan from the ESPOIR Foundation she will buy more animals like chickens and pigs, food, and vitamins to take care of them.

Her goal is to have a large farm and to be a great animal merchant.

In this group: Rosa Elvira, Celia Margarita, Gloria Enperatriz, Sandra Lorena, Libia Lourdes, Teresa Elvira, Carmen Amelia, Maria Florinda, Mirian Soledad, Carmen Rocio, Maria Angelita, Maria Elvira, Maria Leticia, Ruth Melania, Maria Transito Guadalupe, Maria Rosa, Rosita Lucia, Luz Amable, Delia Eudocia

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Ginny Kalish

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