A loan helped a Kiva loan helps purchase equipment and supplies to help grow our business by adding a coffee shop and overcome the hardships we have endured since the Riverside Inn burned in May.

Stacy's story

I grew up in a small farming community. We grew all of our own food and received our milk, beef, chickens, and eggs from neighboring farms. It wasn't until I got older and was introduced to fast food and the conveniences of life that chemicals were introduced into my life and I became very sick and unhealthy.

At 16 years old, I had developed so many ulcers and could barely eat anything because of the pain I was in. I ate whatever I could and quickly developed a lifestyle of gaining lots of weight and then crash dieting, only making my condition worse.
Several years ago, I started to research a healthier lifestyle and opened fitness clubs where I helped people lose weight and make healthier choices but it's so much more than just that. I wanted people to learn about the chemicals that are in everyday things like our soaps, shampoos, dryer sheets, things that are making us sick.

We have 5 children, 2 of which have special needs, and we have seen such big improvements in them and our family as a whole by making healthier, chemical free choices and just want to share that knowledge with everyone. We are excited to teach people about the simple life, where local, organic produce is best, using the healing of nature instead of medication, learning to slow down and enjoy life and the little things. Our dream for the future is to own a successful business that our children can run and eventually take over, something they can all be proud of.

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It helps a female entrepreneur improve and expand her business.

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About Mugs & Muggles - Coffee, Tea, and Smoothie Shoppe

Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year
Website: hbb16403.com


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