A loan helped will help the Millennial Women Entrepreneurs Network become a one stop resource team for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Crystal's story

Growing up in a house with my mother who was a struggling single parent and a father who was never constant in our lives, I was forced to grow up before my time. I helped raise my little brother while my dedicated mother sacrificed and tried building a business. I witnessed first hand the hardships of an immigrant woman who built a dream but wasn’t able to keep it, due to lack in resources and support.

I always admired her entrepreneurial spirit and wished that I could do more for our family, but I was battling my own internal struggle. I was molested, starting at the age of 4 years old. When you’re abused and manipulated you tend to close the world out and suppress your dreams. For years I hid my talents. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I finally let go of the pain. That’s why this business is so important to me. I survived, took back power and I want to empower others to do the same.

As a Fordham University Graduate, being an Entrepreneur has always been my goal. My journey has inspired me to help those who are going through hardships. We all have stories; some may have harder journey’s than others but it’s NEVER too late to find your light.

MillennialWE celebrates the bravery of innovative women and children who follow their passions and take the leap of faith of entrepreneurship. We are a network-based team that directs members on how to successfully create a business.

We will be a foundation of support, teach how to capitalize on dreams, provide mentorship programs, financial literacy and entrepreneurial resources. We strive to be our community’s powerhouse, where members can go for financial growth and encouragement on how to be the best forms of themselves.

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This loan helps a woman entrepreneur inspire and educate other woman entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses.

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