A loan helped me bring innovative Millennial Media Strategies to the City of Milwaukee.

Jazmine's story

I grew up in one of the most segregated cities in the nation, Milwaukee, WI, a city that sometimes feels like there is no hope, depending on which side you're from. My mother and father always encouraged me to step outside of my neighborhood and comfort zone. They wanted to show me the different options and opportunities that were available, regardless of who I am, what color my skin was or what area I was raised in. My parents were both entrepreneurs, with my dad owning a bar and my mother owning her own daycare. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer during my senior year of high school and she had to close her 17-year old business. She survived breast cancer but her business did not.

Being born to entrepreneurs, I've always felt like I was destined to travel the same road. After many years of discovery and taking many different career paths, I finally realized that aside from growing up in the digital age, I had the natural abilities of solving problems and connecting people.

Today, I have founded the Henley Brown Media Group, a media company focused on your company's revitalization. I am a Millennial Media Strategist and my mission is to bridge the gap between long standing brands and the Millennial demographic they wish to connect with.

Oprah, Steve Jobs and Jay-Z are celebrities who truly inspire me. They all faced extreme rejection but they all persevered and went on to become not only some of the most recognizable names of our time but complete game changers and innovators based on their contributions to entertainment and technology. I hope to be a game changer in the world of Millennial Media Strategy.

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