A loan of $2,975 helped a member buy merchandise for stock to increase their businesses.

Turi Centro (Cuenca) Group's story

The Turí Centro Communal Bank is comprised of nine hard working women who are dedicated to succeeding. The bank is located in one of the most beautiful places that the city Cuenca has, which is about 20 minutes outside of the city. Being the viewpoint of Cuenca, it is visited by natives and foreigners coming here to admire the beauty of the enclosed city.

Turí Centro is comprised of a group of enterprising women who have found the formula to get ahead in their households and in their businesses. They serve as an examples of success and perseverance. They are:

Gladis Esperanza I. C. is a member of the Turí Centro Communal Bank in the city of Cuenca. She is 43, and she has five children who are 23, 21, 19, 17, and 14. Her oldest child is outside of the country. He migrated to the exterior to give his family a better future. Her second daughter is married and making her own home. Only three of her children live in her home. One of her daughters enrolled this year in the State University of Cuenca. Her two last children study in the Técnico Turí school. She has been divorced for four years, and they live in their own home.

Gladis raises small animals like chickens and guinea pigs. She also does the household chores. She has been raising animals for six years, and it is going very well. She tells us that the earnings are dependent upon how much is invested. And that can vary because not all of the chickens are raised, some die. But, she is happy because this business supports her household.

This is her second cycle working with the Foundation, although she did withdraw for a while. The money that she gets now from the ESPOIR Foundation will be used for food for the chickens (ground, balanced) and the guinea pigs.

Her future goal is to keep growing with her business of raising animals and giving her children a better today and tomorrow.

Tania Paola M. C. is also an active member of the Turi Centro Bank. She lives in the Centro de Turí in the viewpoint of Cuenca. She is 30 and happily married. Her three children; 12, 9, and 7, are testaments to their love. Her oldest child goes to the Miguel Merchán school. The last two goes to the Príncipe de Paz school. Her husband works as a carpenter. Being her friend, they are inseperable in the moments of pain and happiness. They rent where they live because they do not have the money to buy or build their own house.

Tania studied tailoring and passed to the second year. She sells clothes two day a week. On Wednesdays she sells in the free marked in a space her mother gives her. On Saturday she buys all her clothing stock for her business. One of her biggest difficulties is not having her own place. She has to inconvenience her mother a little bit. The advantage is that working with her mother she knows lots of people, and she gets new customers each time.

The loan she is asking the foundation for is to buy merchandise to increase her business and to have a large stock for her demanding customers.

Her future goal is to be a tailoring teacher and to continue with her clothing business.

Elizabeth Patricia is another active member of the Turi Centro Communal Bank. She was previously a member of another bank that broke up. She is 39, and she has been separated for seven years. She lives with her four children. Her ex husband gives her child support only when her remembers.

Elizabeth works in the market on Thursdays and Sundays selling a great variety of fruit. She starts at six in the morning and works until nine at night. She has been doing this for five years. The rest of the week she devotes to her home. The greatest difficulty she has is when sales drop and she barely gets enough money to cover the debts that she owes. When sales are good, she gets income to invest in her business and for the daily sustenance of her household.

This is her fifth cycle working with the ESPOIR Foundation. She previously was a member of another communal bank that broke up. The money she is asking for is to buy more fruit to better stock and improve her stand because there is a lot of competition.

Elizabeth’s dream for the future is to succeed in her business and to be able to educate her children until they become good professionals.

In this group: Tania Paola, Ruth Isabel, Maria Lastenia, Maria Eufemia, Gladis Esperanza, Elisabeth Patricia, Maria Zoila, Maria Luisa, Maria Luisa

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Ginny Kalish

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