A loan of $5,000 helped us buy the necessary camera, lights, and sound equipment to establish our business and share the stories of our clients.

Tahiel's story

We are a couple of creatives who dream to make a job out of our passion.
Tahiel, our cinematographer, grew up on the south side of Bogota, Colombia until the age of twelve. Because he lived with scarce resources, he traveled to the United States with his mother in search of a better life.

Transitioning to a new culture during his teens was very difficult and he never really connected with people and the world around him. He felt very different. This changed when he discovered photography because it became a channel for him to express his thoughts and feelings with a new language. This led to bonding with other artists and soon, he was shooting every day. He loved going to rare unfound places to photograph just about anything.

Long story short, he found a new love with the moving picture because he felt it engaged people at a deeper level in today's world. He is soon to graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a degree in Film. Never in his wildest dreams as a young boy, he imagined he would be here and now creating films. He has now worked for national and international companies as a videographer and hopes to continue to explore beyond his current perspectives.

Markus, our editor and multi-talented producer, lived in Chicago most of his life. He discovered his passion for filmmaking and editing during his senior year of college when he traveled to Standing Rock to film an award winning documentary short about the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance movement. Growing up playing Afro-Cuban percussion, he often incorporates his musical and rhythmic tendencies into the editing process, creating videos with a level of precision that cuts down to the frame.

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