A loan of $3,000 helped put a deposit on a studio space and purchase new equipment to streamline production.

Sarah's story

I'm from a small town in southern/central Maine about 45 minutes from the coast. I grew up like most kids did in Maine in the 90's, spending the majority of my time playing outside and enjoying nature. I come from an extremely creative and self-motivated family. A lot of my relatives have either owned or currently own small businesses and/or are creatives. I would say that as a kiddo I was surrounded by art, music, nature and an "if at first you do not succeed, try-try again" attitude.

In the first few years of schooling my teachers and parents noticed some areas of difficulty and after lots of testing it was determined that I was dyslexic. As a child I had to spend a lot of extra time on my studies just to get the basics down. While I excelled at art and was drawing portraits and from perspective at age 9, math and reading were areas of extreme difficulty and frustration. As I grew I kept learning and growing as an artist, always experimenting with new mediums. The more frustrated I got with my studies, the more driven I was to work on art projects. What I didn't realize as a teenager is that all of that extra work would pay off because it trained me to be extremely patient, to work hard, to persevere and to have extremely good time management skills.

So many years later I have multiple degrees in communications and culinary arts. I've built a small business out of practically nothing that has enabled me to work only part-time as a chef. I'm excited for the next chapter to unfold and I really think that this loan opportunity could take my business to the next level.

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It helps a female entrepreneur expand her business and update supplies.

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Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
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