A loan of $2,275 helped a member to buy animals (pigs, chickens, guinea pigs).

La Inmaculada (Cuenca) Group's story

The communal bank "La Inmaculada" is located in a beautiful place in Cañar province in the ruins of Inga Pirca, which is a city made of stone that the Inca built as their fortress. There is also a stone face carved in a mountain by the Inca. It is a beautiful place that is always visited by local and international tourists. Our members are happy to have inherited the culture and traditions of the Inca, and they carry the honor and the pride of Inga Pirca in their daily lives.

The communal bank "La Inmaculada" is formed by a group of 10 men and women, who are all ready to overcome and move forward little by little. We have some of their stories here.

Esther Yolanda L. P. is a member of the bank She lives in Inga Pirca, and is 22 years old. She has lived with a partner for one year. She has three children who are 6, 4, and 1 year old. Her first son is in the community school. They do not have their own home; they live in a house that a family member is lending them for a while. Her husband is a chauffeur, and supports her in everything. She says he is a pillar in her life.

Esther works as a domestic employee in the city center, and in the little time that she has at home, she raises chickens and guinea pigs.

This is her first loan, and she is interested in the benefits she can receive as a member of the Espoir Foundation. With this loan she is going to start a chicken coop, so that she can stop working for other people and dedicate herself to her children and her business. Her dream is to have her own home.

Mariana de Jesús V. lives in the Santa Bárbara neighborhood in the Santa Ana parish, 40 minutes outside of Cuenca. She is 43 years old, and is the single mother of 5 children who are 22, 19, 14, 6, 3 months. The first two are not recognized by their father and have their own home. The younger three are recognized by their father, but he does not help them with anything. Her 14-year-old son often takes care of the house until Mariana comes home from work. They live in their own adobe house, which is an advantage.

Mariana works as a domestic employee in the center of the city. She also raises chickens and guinea pigs, which she feeds before and after work.

This is her first loan. She learned about the benefits and opportunities of the Espoir Foundation thanks to a friend who invited her to be part of the communal bank. With the loan, she will get a chicken hatchery so she can have her own business and improve the quality of life of her family, to help them move forward like she has been doing.

Her dream is to have a brick house, so they can live comfortably without worrying about the winter, and give her children a better life.

Martha Adriana L. is another member of the bank. She lives in Inga Pirca, in a beautiful place in the Cañar area. She is 21 years old, and lives with her partner of five years, and they get along very well. She has two children, who are 3 and 1 and a half. Her husband works in construction, and they have their own home.

Martha is a domestic employee from Monday to Friday. On weekends she works on her business. She raises pigs, chickens, and guinea pigs, although her guinea pigs recently died. Now she is trying to recover from that loss. She also slaughtered a pig from her farm, and she sold the raw meat by the pound. She says that sales are good.

This is her first loan, and she feels happy to have entered this little bank, because she knows the benefits that the foundation offers, and the members are friends in the community and are ready to overcome.

This loan will be invested in pigs for her farm.

Her goal is to have a store, because there are few in her community, and to be able to only run her business so she can have more time to care for her children.

In this group: Luis Horlando, Jose Silvero, Rosa Amelia, Maria Rosa, Ligia Roxana, Milton Mauricio, Martha Adriana, Esther Yolanda, Mariana De Jesus, Tania Maricela

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Rebecca Iverson

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