A loan of $400 helps to buy farm implements.

Nolyne's story

Nolyne is 29 and a very industrious, honest, and hard-working mother from the Kitale area of Kenya, near the famous Mount Elgon, an area known for maize production. Kitale is always referred to as the bread basket area of Kenya. Nolyne works every day in the field and is a proud farmer who makes every effort so that people may enjoy healthy food in their homes. Nolyne also has a small personal business (a shop).

Nolyne has been farming for the past nine years. Over the years, she has gained more experience and is considered one of the best farmers in her village. Her primary sources of income have been milk, eggs, and crops. Nolyne is very passionate about farming and loves cultivating her farm.

Although she makes profits from farming, she is not comfortable and has always wanted to increase her income by buying seeds so that she can plant them and sell them after harvesting. That is why she is seeking this loan to buy farm inputs such as seeds. Kenya's Kitale area, one of the country's most populated regions, has a high demand for food. This means that Nolyne could increase her profits and satisfy the demand that is there.

She now feels relieved because Juhudi Kilimo is partnering with wonderful Kiva lenders to help hardworking female farmers like her turn their farming dreams into reality through training and loan financing. Nolyne believes that this loan will help her greatly, and that she will be able to satisfy the demand for food.

This loan is special because:

It finances smallholder farmers to purchase dairy cows, chickens, cereals and farming equipment.

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