A loan of $8,000 helps with purchasing fabrics and machinery. As well as creating venues to sell merchandise.

Helen's story

I grew up in New York. My father worked as a janitor cleaning office buildings at night. My mother worked as a factory worker doing piecework which was constructing garder belts.

This did not have an impact on my desire to start my own business. I didn't think it was possible.

I now live in California, own my own business and love creating possibilities for myself and my family.

My dreams for the future is to be a good example to young people to create from what you have. Finding something you like and turning it into something you love.

I have a past story that demonstrates my entrepreneurial spirit. I'm 60 years young now; however, when I was seven my father would ride me to school on his bicycle. I would ride on his handlebars. He would leave me in the playground with my other classmates. However he would never leave me with money. After he left I would go across the street to the supermarket. I would pick up the trading stamps from the ground. These stamps were given to every customer after each purchase. They were collected and placed in books to redeem gifts. I would sell the stamps I collected outside the market to buy cookies or pretzels in class. My father would have killed me if he only knew.

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This loan supports a business dedicated to share the African-American culture through beautiful garment

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Industry: Clothing
Years in operation: More than 5 years


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