A loan helped to obtain a solar water pump for irrigation.

Christine's story

Christine, age 46, is a farmer in Kapiri Mposhi District, Zambia where she lives with her family of 9. She is asking for a loan so that she can obtain a solar water pump to help irrigate her vegetable crops.

Christine grows a variety of crops on her farm including tomatoes, cabbage, fresh greens and a local eggplant called 'impwa'. She then takes these crops to nearby markets where they can fetch a good price from traders who travel to the area from larger towns and cities. Many rural farmers such as Christine use buckets or manual pumps to irrigate their crops. A solar water pump would reduce the labor Christine requires, and allow her to keep her crops properly irrigated.

Rent to Own is interested in testing out newer irrigation technologies that are not widely available on the Zambian market, such as the solar water pump. With the rising costs of fuel in the region, solar technologies are becoming a more viable option. Rent to Own will deliver the solar water pump directly to Christine's farm and will provide Christine with training on how to properly use and maintain the pump.

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It helps farmers acquire productive assets for business and farming activities.

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