A loan helped finalize renovations to our winery production space and provides funds for raw materials to produce our first batch of cider.

Olga's story

Both my husband Brian and I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. We met in 2009 and married in 2013 and quickly jumped into the pattern typical of most we knew. After finishing college, entering a career and getting married, we worked together to pursue common goals as a couple but pursued very different career paths.

Shortly after we married, we began cidermaking and winemaking as a hobby. We quickly discovered that the end result of our cider was both delicious and very different from the products on the market. Soon after, we realized that we had the perfect combination of skills to form a successful business.

We are both passionate about cidermaking using our learned skills to tackle every task and challenge. Brian’s engineering expertise provides insight into the logistics and equipment needed to physically make our product on a larger scale. My experience with web development and customer outreach gives us the skills to communicate our mission, goals, and message to our consumers. We work and run the business together making all decisions as a team.

This loan is special because:

It makes a couple's dream of their own cider winery real.

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About Dressler Estate

Industry: Food
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year
Website: dresslerestate.com


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