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I grew up just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have had a love for computers ever since I was little. Technology and Gadgetry have always fascinated me. Part of my love of computers comes from my love of Problem Solving, which most know, always comes hand in hand with owning a computer. I am a 12-year Veteran of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, with two tours in Iraq. I was lucky enough to be in a job where I could work alongside amazing Military technology and computer systems. Being in the Army, allowed me to grow as a person, and also allowed me to hone my Problem Solving skills. My initial career path was into Law Enforcement but realized that I was constantly being drawn back to a career in Technology. I now have degrees in Network Systems Integration along with Information and Cyber Security. I currently work for the Milwaukee Public School district and have a goal of being fully self-employed in the future.

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This loan is special because it gives a veteran an opportunity to be self-employed.

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