A loan helped to obtain an oil press to produce quality cooking oils.

Stanley's story

Stanley is an entrepreneur in Sinda District, Zambia. He is asking for a loan so that he can obtain an oil press to produce and sell cooking oil.

Stanley currently runs a business milling maize into a flour that is boiled and served as a staple food called ‘nshima’. However, he has a plan to start producing cooking oil from Sinda District. Cooking oil is used in the preparation of most meals in Zambia.

Using an oil press, sunflower seeds (which are grown by farmers locally) are pressed into a usable oil which can then be sold at shops or in local market stalls. In addition to the sunflower seeds that he gets from his own crops of sunflowers, Stanley would like to purchase sunflower seeds from surrounding farmers and be able to make a quality oil for cooking.

While the business opportunity is there, the upfront costs of an oil press are quite prohibitive. Finding and transporting a quality oil press is also a challenge. Rent to Own will deliver an oil press directly to Stanley’s business, and will provide him with training on how to properly use and maintain the oil press.

Rent to Own’s field research has found that he has an ideal location, surrounded by many farmers who can supply sunflower seed and in an area frequented by local traders and traders from neighboring Mozambique. 

This oil press would set in motion Stanley's dream of running a series of food processing businesses, supplying cooking oil and maize flour to communities around Sinda District.

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It helps farmers acquire productive assets for business and farming activities.

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