A loan of $1,000 helped ms. Kouvon is asking for a loan of $1,000 to purchase some land to cultivate rice.

Abla's story

Ms. K. was born on April 4, 1958 and had 5 children, but 4 of them have passed away. She takes care of the 4 orphans of her eldest brother.

Ms. K. has been in rice agriculture for 4 years and currently owns a small plot of land with palm trees (she uses the nuts to make red oil and other products.) She doesn’t own her own plot of land for rice agriculture, so even though she does all of the work for 5 plots of rice, she is paid very low wages for sprouting the plants, planting them in the plots, weeding them and taking care of them for 4 months, and then harvesting them. Since she has almost no profit from all of her work, Ms. K. wants to buy land with other members of her solidarity group to divide amongst them.

Ms. K.'s group will purchase about 5-10 hectares so that each woman will have ½ a hectare to herself. She is a very responsible woman who has been trusted to take care of the local church, including all of its funds, and can therefore be trusted with a loan. She also supports her son while he is in medical school and she is hoping to one day be able to help him start his own practice.

Having only completed elementary school, Ms. K. finds it very difficult to make enough money to care for her family. She lives in her father’s house with her children and cannot afford to properly feed them. Two of the children are in school, 2 are apprentices, and one left his apprenticeship and is currently unemployed. Some days she eats only a very small amount of beans to last her through the whole day of hard labor and she buys corn on credit in order to help feed the children in her home.

Ms. K. cannot afford to pay for a doctor’s visit or for the medicine from a pharmacy, so she is forced to buy unregulated medicine sold on the streets when someone is ill. She cannot even afford to purchase boots in order to work in the water-drenched rice fields filled with worms that bite at her legs, so she simply wraps her feet in cloth.

Ms. K. is a very trustworthy woman and this loan will help her to be able to make a more decent living and to better care for her family’s needs.

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