A loan of $10,000 helped hire a teacher for the remainder of the school year, improve the facilities, and gain working capital for my business.

Danielle's story

As a child growing up in the Caribbean I have always had a deep passion for learning. It is of little wonder that I was reading at the age of four and writing my own stories by the time I was six. My mother often speaks of the headaches she endured after reading countless books to me at night. As I got older stories those became drawings and elaborate works of art as I found a new hobby and my mom a new indulgence.

This passion continued well into high school. Upon graduation I decided that it was only fitting that I study art and become an art teacher. My dream was diverted once I realized that I would have to work to put myself through college and perhaps, becoming an art teacher may not be as rewarding as I once thought. Nevertheless, the passion was still there. Throughout my years in college while I worked as a nanny, I also found time to volunteer in several early childhood classes as an art teacher. The experience was both fulfilling and inspiring. I was privileged to work with families from different backgrounds and lifestyles and participate in various family programs.

After graduating with my Master's degree in International Relations, I decided to pursue my love of working with children by creating Brooklyn Doodles. The decision was at the same time exciting and scary. "What was I going to do with my degree?" After all I had worked really hard for it and had hoped to fly off to some lesser developed country to help women and children. But there was also that voice in my head saying stay true to who you are. After much deliberation, sleepless nights, and long conversations with my mom, I decided to go with my heart. I began to research local businesses that offered similar type of programs, reached out to various artists that worked with children, and hired an early childhood learning consultant. I also enrolled in an online early childhood learning program and began to volunteer at a daycare in my neighborhood.

While Brooklyn Doodles has become my life's work and passion, I hope to one day pursue a Ph.D. in social policy.

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