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Born in Virginia and raised in Maryland, food has always been near and dear to my heart. The women in my family have quite a way with food, and it always fascinated and inspired me. From young to old, you could always find the women in my family hanging in the kitchen, producing some of the best smelling and tasting food I've ever been lucky enough to consume. I was always at their sides as a loyal assistant (and unofficial taste tester.) At the age of nine, I received my first cookbook, and from then on, I was really hooked. I told my mother I wanted to be a chef and make desserts for people, and eventually own my own shop. As the youngest of our family's first generation of Americans, I learned that wasn't an option that everyone was not too fond of. I laid my pastry bug (and bag) to rest for the time being; little did I know it'd be back with a vengeance. While attending Virginia Commonwealth ¬-University, my passion for food was reawakened when I started cooking regularly for friends, and myself and became friends with the staff at my favorite restaurants. For the first time in nearly ten years, I felt whole again-- and I knew it was time to follow my dreams. After graduating in 2010 with a Bachelors in Marketing, I decided to attend the Culinary Arts Program at L'Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD, where I graduated with distinction in 2012. Since then I've worked in restaurants throughout the D.C. and Maryland Area, starting at PS7's where my desire to create desserts and all things sweet became evident when I frequently volunteered to assist the Pastry Chef. That fall, I went to Chicago for my birthday, and not only ordered and devoured a life changing dessert at Mindy's Hot Chocolate that led me to a working interview there for the entire weekend--it changed the entire course of my culinary life. I came back to working the line in restaurants and quickly found myself bored. I needed to have my hands in sugar; separating egg yolks from whites, smell butter in the air...I knew I needed to make my transition to The Force. Or the dark side depends on how much you love or loathe sweets, really. From there a friend from culinary school who was leaving the industry managed to land me an interview for her pastry position at a restaurant in Rockville, MD named Addie's--which I was quickly offered. I spent my last two years in restaurants as a pastry Cook and Chef for Black Restaurant Group prior to going out on my own and forging Ruby Scoops. The idea of Ruby Scoops came to me late last year, when I realized how much joy I found in making ice cream and sorbet, and even more so in watching others enjoy it, and how much I desired my own artistic and overall freedom. Ruby Scoops went from an idea at the end of last year to an actual entity in 2015. I am elated to be starting business in the D.C. area and am currently producing in Union Kitchen, but we're aiming for our own ice cream truck next summer, and a scoop shop to follow a couple summers after that!

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