A loan of $5,000 helped move my business into its own studio, hire a part-time assistant, and set up an inventory system for materials and finished goods.

Kathryn's story

I'm a California native who grew up enjoying arts and crafts as well as science and technology. Today I’m fortunate to live in the SF Bay Area amidst an amazing handmade community, TechShop workspaces and equipment, and many opportunities to show and sell my work. This environment is the biggest difference between my current venture and my art shows and curry lunch fundraisers in graduate school. Looking back, it seems inevitable that my independent research was better training for entrepreneurship than for a career as a research assistant.

My thesis advisor at Humboldt State expected students to plan our own projects, rather than treating us as his employees. He had little funding, so we applied for student grants and fellowships to pay for supplies. The long hours I spent at a microscope to complete my own goals were far more satisfying than overtime in my previous career helping my employers reach their goals. My advisor also supported my artistic interests as a possible path to science illustration; these skills proved more useful for designing laser-cut items and creating my brand identity. My goal for Splendid Colors is to help people display their creativity while making a profit to support myself and other employees and give back to my community. If possible, I will support disability rights by hiring qualified disabled employees.

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Industry: Arts
Years in operation: 3 years - 5 years
Website: splendidcolors.com


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