A loan of $5,000 helped purchase equipment and materials to make our facility accessible for disabled veterans and first responders, file for non-profit/501c3 status, and have working capital on hand.

Brandy's story

My husband and I are both veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (we met while serving in Iraq together). As infantry and Security Force members, we both performed law enforcement, security, and unexploded ordinance details. Upon return from my final deployment, I slowly realized that I had changed in ways I found difficult to understand. Yes, the physical ailments I suffered had obviously taken their toll on me, however it was the mental/emotional changes that I struggled with most. In the military, we see ourselves as warriors and tend to keep these things hidden deep down inside for fear that peers or superiors will see it and call out our weaknesses. For years, I secretly dealt with the mental and physical issues by utilizing prescription medications due to my own fears of seeming weak.

I finally delved into trying to understand the effects of PTSD and what it does to not only myself but family and friends around me. Did I change so much to those around me? As I started to question my family and friends, I found the answer was yes!

Once separated from the military and home in PA, I found it difficult to transition to normal life while dealing with and trying to hide my issues. I needed help. I needed healing. I needed an outlet.

I remembered what it had been like, as a young girl, to train with my father on our heavy bag and speed bag. I felt strong yet relaxed. I wanted to feel that way again so we found the nearest boxing gym and from the day I stepped foot in the door and started to train (although extremely limited by the physical ailments), I felt myself healing. I saw, as weeks and months went on, my relationships and friendships healing. I found my wonder drug and it wasn't in a pill or bottle - it was in a pair of boxing gloves.

My husband felt we needed to share this “secret” with everyone, not just military, but especially the people we loved in and around our community. So we took a leap of faith and created Warriors’ Call Boxing and the Will of the Warrior Program.

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