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Katherine's story

I'm Katherine Jetton, the Founder and CEO of JettPakk, Inc. JettPakk all began with my experience in the classroom as a Middle School Science Teacher in Dallas, Texas with Teach For America. I learned how true it is that a student's attitude affects their behavior, which affects their outcomes.

For students growing up in poverty, they experience EACH factors- Emotional, Academic, Cognitive, and Health factors that make it hard to stay positive, focus, and be resilient.
I created a weekly Goal Setting & Reflection Journal that helps build students' S.W.A.G.G.(TM)- Success With Attitude, Gratitude, and Goals. Each week students G.E.A.R. Up (TM)- They set GOALS on their Attitude, Gratitude, and Goals, EXECUTE their Plan, ASSESS how they did by rating themselves in their journal, and REFLECT on ways they did well or ways they can improve next week. Then they G.E.A.R. up for next week and set new goals.

This program resulted in my students being internally motivated with a purpose to achieve their goals; furthermore, they also outscored their peers by 25% on District Exams. Now, it's time I share this with other teachers, so that they can also internally motivate their students and help their students achieve! Please consider loaning us, so that we can take this paper journal and turn it into a digital Teacher Dashboard and digital Student Journal, because Attitude determines Altitude and our teachers and students need your help!

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