A loan of $5,000 helped purchase diapers and wipes for 6 months for the more than 1,700 children we presently serve.

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My brother and I were born in Baltimore, Maryland. We were a very close family and I looked up to both my parents and my grandparents. My father, Edward, was a mechanical engineer during WWII while my mother, Ethel, was a homemaker. Growing up we used to visit my grand parents every Sunday, celebrated holidays as a family and got together often for birthdays and events. I was able to learn the values of love and support through my grandparents who stepped in to provide assistance to anyone in the family who needed their help. To this day I feel that Maryland will always be my home because of the family experiences and childhood memories I gained growing up there.

I attended college at the University of Maryland, where I married my high school sweetheart. Shortly after graduation, he was enlisted to serve in the Vietnam War. We moved to Hawaii where our first son was born. Four years later we had our second son while we were stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. My husband died in 1972 after returning to the Vietnam War and I was left to raise my two sons on my own. I decided to move back to Maryland in this tragic time to have the support of my family. I wanted to instill in my sons the same family values that my parents and grandparents had instilled in me.

Based on my experience raising my sons as a single mother and being fortunate enough to receive help from my family, I became interested in helping children and families that were struggling to make ends meet. Today I am the Chief Executive Officer of the non-profit, The Partnerships for America, serving approximately 32,600 children each year.

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