A loan of $10,000 helped fix a well to water our livestock, and off-set the costs of building and outfitting a poultry processing facility.

Ejay's story

I grew up in a community where becoming a farmer was something foreign and almost laughable. After high school, despite really not having the means to afford it, I began attending college. But I also grew up with a Grandmother who instilled deep respect for food, and basically passed the obsession for a good meal on to me. As a kid there were sometimes issues of food insecurity, and had agriculture been more present maybe we could have alleviated some of the struggle with a home garden or laying hens.

After two years, I left college. There were many reasons, but a big one was the mountain of debt for an undergraduate education when I knew in my heart what my calling should be. The pull to farming ran deep but I couldn't find the in-road. I hopped around a variety of professional careers before meeting my wife. When we got together, we decided to pursue farming. I ventured full time into agriculture by taking internships and jobs while my wife continued to work in our previous non-profit field. We struggled, but it was worth it for our goal.

My wife grew up on a hobby hay farm but she never thought she'd feel the call back to agriculture. She loved being around a community of farms, but didn't realize it would become a profession as well. When we started farming together, she found the amazing satisfaction that comes from a hard day outside, growing food for your community. She's a very community-minded person, and found that farming was a great way to bring a service and a group of people together. She had experience running several small successful businesses, and a master's degree in organizational management- and her skill set combined with mine helped us realize our vision for our farm together.

I've never felt so fulfilled as when I started farming. And, as it turned out- it was a great decision when we realized how many people were enjoying the products we were growing too! Despite being completely discouraged to follow the path to farming, it's undoubtedly where we were supposed to end up. We were able to turn passion into a thriving fledgling business.

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Industry: Agriculture
Years in operation: 3 years - 5 years
Website: reisenshinefarm.blogspot.com


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