A loan of $5,000 helped buy a shipment of organic autonomous coffee, commercial grade coffee makers, other start-up expenses and to help with cash flow.

Fran Ilich's story

I grew up in the Tijuana-San Diego border, but left many years ago because of the violent social climate. I pursued a narrative media art and activism career in Mexico City and internationally. Since four years ago, I am lucky to call New York City home.

In 2005 I started a small co-op to provide webhosting to other artists and activists who could suffer from potential censorship, primarily in Mexico, although we have members all over the world. The project was successful enough in that it allowed its incoming money to be used to invest in organic fair trade Zapatista coffee and to fund media art projects, making it possible for me to sustain my creative passion without compromising integrity. All this decisions were ran by giving every member of the co-op a voice and a vote.

I fully believe that we change the world according to the actions we take on everyday life. And it is from there where I normally work.

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About Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op

Industry: Food
Years in operation: New Business
Website: diegodelavega.nyc


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