A loan of $10,000 helped launch our Moringa oil retail line to support hundreds more smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Emily's story

My co-founder Kwami and I took very different paths to the same passion for rural development through innovation in agriculture.

I grew up in suburban Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. I had long known that I wanted a career focused on alleviating global poverty, but I had much to learn about the mechanisms through which I could be most effective in the pursuit of that goal. An interest in microfinance spurred me to study economics at Harvard and to travel to India to work for SEWA Bank the summer after my freshman year. It was in India that I met a group of social entrepreneurs active in rural development and had the opportunity to co-found a jewelry cooperative enterprise in Gujarat.

Kwami grew up in Accra, Ghana and migrated with his family to the US at the age of 9. His love for design and building led him to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering and research with NASA. A service trip back to the north of his home country made him re-think his perception of Ghana and rural poverty. He returned to MIT to pursue a concentration in global development.

We met at an MIT class focused on creating affordable technologies for developing countries and collaborated on small-scale moringa oil processing technologies. These technologies would form the basis of MoringaConnect and our work empowering small farmers in Ghana and throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

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