A loan of $9,800 helped to buy our first round of jars and print these jars for our kombucha line.

Caitlin's story

For my brother, Yi Wah, and I -- food is the thread that connects of our family. Our parents met while working at a food co-op in Boulder, Colorado. When our family gathers, we eat, cook, and talk about what we're going to eat next. It's no wonder that my mom almost gave birth to me in a grocery store!

Our mom taught us that good food is simple -- start with fresh, quality ingredients and spend some time in the kitchen. Kind of like a good relationship -- it's not quick or easy. This applies to cakes, curries and krauts.

Yi Wah started working in food as a bagel baker in Minnesota. After our family moved to the Washington DC area, he did every job in a restaurant -- server, bus boy, cook, bartender, bar manager, restaurant manager. He worked in corporate and non-corporate, fine dining and casual, French dining and steakhouse.

Along the way, Yi Wah worked with chefs who were pickling and fermenting seasonal produce. He grew an undying love for kimchi while helping open a Korean restaurant. His love for sour and tangy compounded, kind of like the microbes in our fermented pickles.

We combined our love for food with my passion for business, which started in elementary school and grew during high school after running a successful fundraiser selling candy. I then continued on a for-profit basis. Every summer since middle school, I've worked a few jobs. My favorite summertime job? The creamery stand at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. A good day at the farmers market meant I sold all the probiotic honey yogurt.

Who knew a love for fermentation and sour would lead us to here? We now call our mom "Number 1 Mom" and took our dad out to West Virginia to eat squirrel gravy with one of our cucumber farmers. It's time for our next project. We've already started brewing. Look out, farmers markets, kombucha is coming to the Number 1 Sons stands!

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